Volkswagen appears to be working on a new electric crossover, which our spies recently snapped testing in mule form under a modified Tiguan Allspace body. We currently don’t know which model this announces the arrival of, but we do know it’s fully electric and slightly bigger overall compared to the Tiguan.

We can tell it’s a bigger (especially longer) vehicle because the B-pillar appears to be bigger than on a Tiguan and you can see that the extra strip between the doors also continues all the way down to the sills. The width of this clearly visible strip hints at the size difference between the Tiguan and this upcoming unnamed electric crossover, at least when it comes to total length.

But even if it looks like it is a bit larger than the current Tiguan, we don’t believe this fully electric mule previews that model’s next generation, because Volkswagen doesn’t plan on turning it into an EV yet; the next-gen Tiguan will debut with electrified but not completely electric powertrains, so we don’t think this is what we’re looking at here.

Gallery: Volkswagen Electric Crossover

It may be a model that has not yet been announced that could slot under the ID.4 in the range, although it looks a bit too big to be sold as a smaller and more affordable alternative to the ID.4 (Skoda has already teased its version of the same vehicle). What we do know for sure is that the production model of whatever VW is testing here will not look at all like this mule (or the Tiguan for that matter).

What we don’t currently know is what is hiding under the Tiguan body; it could be the MQB platform that underpins all smaller ICE Volkswagens, but it could also be the MEB platform that is only for electric vehicles. It wouldn’t really make sense for VW to make an EV based on MQB today (even though it is possible) given that it now has MEB, but you never know what might make financial sense for the manufacturer.

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