After a multitude of back and forth for many months, the government of Brandenburg has published an official press release stating that Tesla's Giga Berlin was granted final environmental approval. The release followed a press conference that happened several hours ago.

Essentially, the news is really no different from that of yesterday. The only difference is that the press conference and press release make it all official. We told you earlier that Tesla had received approval, but couldn't begin production. The news wasn't yet official, but now it is. The State of Brandenburg provided Tesla with a document explaining the next steps it must take to begin producing vehicles for the public.

The massive approval documents provide details related to Tesla's plans to manufacture 500,000 vehicles per year at the factory, as well as information about the automaker's wastewater treatment, fire equipment, production of battery cells, and various warehouses, workshops, and labs.

Teslarati points out that even though it took two years to reach the final environmental approval status, it was actually quick in comparison to previous approvals in Germany. Environment Minister Alex Vogel shared in reference to the local employees and authorities involved in the process:

“As a high-performing state administration, you have always focused on the technical requirements, the high level of protection of the environment, the protection of the general public and the neighborhood from dangers, even under the pressure of great public interest and unreasonable harassment as well as the legal certainty of the procedure ..."

He also referenced the climate crisis, the importance of the availability of water, and how digitizing the process has helped to simplify it and speed it up. Other officials made comments about how Giga Berlin will work to benefit the local area.

In the end, it was made clear that Tesla can continue any existing or upcoming construction processes without any further objections. However, the automaker can't yet begin producing Model Y electric crossovers until it completes the necessary steps outlined in the extensive paperwork.

Be sure to visit the source link below to see the official document for yourself. There is loads of information in the document for those who are interested in additional details.

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