Tesla CEO Elon Musk isn't a fan of unions, and he's made that clear many times in the past. However, his recent issues with President Joe Biden have, once again, amplified the situation. However, Musk made it clear that Tesla won't do anything to stop the UAW from holding a vote. In fact, Musk went so far as to invite the union to come to Tesla and attempt to organize.

The tweet thread started when Gene Simmons, the lead singer of the rock band Kiss, quoted one of Musk's tweets. Simmons agreed with Musk, saying he makes a solid point, and steering the message toward President Biden.


The Musk tweet that Simmons quoted was originally a reply from Musk to Biden. The Tesla CEO was pointing out yet again that Tesla deserves credit where credit is due, and he specified precisely why.


Vocal Tesla fan and investor James Stephenson replied that Tesla employees already decided not to unionize. It wasn't Musk's choice, but the workers' choice. 


As you can see, Musk replied about the situation surrounding jobs in the Bay Area. He also shared that he's officially inviting the UAW to hold a union vote at Tesla at its convenience.

Perhaps President Biden isn't aware that there were earlier attempts to organize Tesla, but we have no way of knowing for sure. It seems someone of his caliber in politics would be made aware, but clearly, there are many more important situations a president has to deal with.

At any rate, the interesting part here will be the aftermath. If the UAW takes Musk up on his offer, this should appease President Biden. It shows an attempt to try to unionize. However, if the attempt fails due to Tesla's employees voting it down, then what will Biden say? He can't really blame Tesla and hold it accountable for not being part of the UAW if its workers don't want to unionize.

Going along with what James tweeted above, the President can't tell those workers that their vote doesn't count or that they voted "wrong." And, the UAW can't force or coerce Tesla to unionize if its workers don't support it. You'd better bet that people will also be keeping a close eye on Tesla and Musk, since the company and its executives also can't work to "convince" employees of how they should vote.

It will be even more interesting if Tesla's workers end up deciding to unionize, as that would come as a huge surprise. What say you?

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