You may remember, it wasn't so long ago that we shared a story with you about a Tesla Model Y that was rear-ended for the second time. It wasn't drivable after the accident, thanks to a blown "pyro fuse." Needless to say, the whole situation turned out quite messy. If you haven't watched the previous video or read the related article, you can find a link to it at the bottom of this article.

At any rate, the collision was especially concerning since the Model Y's owner, Ryan Shaw, had previously rented out the electric crossover on Turo, which resulted in it being rear-ended for the first time. The Tesla, which Shaw hadn't yet owned very long, needed a $10,000 collision repair.

Fortunately, the Model Y's repair was covered by the at-fault driver's insurance, and Shaw also received loss of income and other monetary compensation. However, he was without his new Model Y for a very long period of time, only to have it heading right back into the shop following the second accident.

Shaw noted in the previous video that the second Model Y collision repair was going to cost around $20,000, though it ended up costing more. While he wasn't responsible for paying the tab, he knew the repair was likely to take forever. Shaw promised a follow-up video breaking down the cost and length of the repair, along with other details.

Shaw says he learned a lot after two Tesla collision repairs over a short time, and there are details he knows now that he wishes he knew before the mess. For this reason, the follow-up video should prove very helpful to other Tesla owners, since it will provide you with a solid idea of what to expect if your car ends up in a collision and needs repair.

If you're without your car for months like Shaw, you'll still be responsible for insuring it during that time. Rental cars are much more expensive than they once were, and in some areas, they're much harder to come by. You may be stuck with a rental you don't necessarily want, and it may cost more than the insurance company is willing to reimburse for.

Shaw goes into extensive detail about the whole situation and all the processes involved. He fills us in on the specifics related to diminished value, which we found very helpful and informative.

Despite all of the concerns, Tesla insurance coordinated everything with the collision center, the repair turned out excellent, the car's paint looks better than it did prior, and the Model Y's rear hatch now works more smoothly than it did in the past. The only real issue here would be if Shaw decided he wanted to sell the car, since it has lost a significant amount of value.

Check out the video to learn more. Then, scroll down to our comment section to start a conversation. If you own a Tesla or another EV, and you've been in an accident, share your story with us in the comment section below. Did your car require an expensive repair? If so, how much did it cost and how long did it take?

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