JD Power just recently published the findings related to its 2022 U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Home Charging Study. Tesla's Level 2 home charging systems earned the highest overall score based on customer satisfaction.

According to JD Power, the study, which is based on customer surveys, focuses on three charging segments and eight key components. The three segments are Level 1 and Level 2 portable charging, in addition to Level 2 "permanently mounted charging stations." JD Power says the eight factors include:

"... fairness of retail price; cord length; size of charger; ease of winding/storing cable; cost of charging; charging speed; ease of use; and reliability, all of which provide a comprehensive assessment of the owner experience and charger performance."

It comes as no surprise that EV owners told JD Power that they're most satisfied with the Level 2 chargers. Most of today's electric car owners rarely rely on Level 1 charging. Brent Gruber, senior director of global automotive at JD Power, said 84% of EV owners regularly charge at home. He shared in the press release:

“Home charging is an important aspect of owning an EV and taking that to the next level by utilizing a Level 2 charger is key to optimizing the ownership experience. When upgrading to Level 2 charging, some home electrical upgrades may be necessary. Making those changes will mean faster charging and result in a far more satisfactory EV ownership experience."

Of the solutions currently available, Tesla's Level 2 home charging systems took the win.


The US electric automaker, and the world's foremost EV leader, racked up a total of 797 points in the study, though it was closely followed by Clipper Creek, which beat the average with 758 points. All in all, it seems many EV owners were impressed with their home charging solutions, regardless of the brand. As you can see, all of the listed brands scored over 700 points.

JD Power notes that Tesla's system isn't the cheapest, but it performs better than rivals' models. Follow the JD Power source link below for more details. Then, share your opinions with us in the comment section below. What's your home charger (EVSE) of choice?

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