General Motors trying to reinvent Hummer for the electric era is a bold exercise given that most people think of a massive, gas-guzzling, off-road vehicle when hearing this word.

While the GMC Hummer EV pickup and SUV are now pure electric, some of the DNA of the Hummer H1 and H2 has carried over, such as the larger-than-life dimensions and massive weight. As it turns out, the Hummer EV also resembles its military-inspired predecessor a bit when it comes to efficiency if we compare it to other electric vehicles.

GM hasn't made public all specifications of the 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickup yet, but we get to learn some essential numbers from a report the automaker filed to the EPA containing the final certification for the Hummer EV's 2022 model year, a.k.a. the Edition 1 pickup.

Let's start with the weight because the GMC Hummer EV manages to crush the Hummer H1 in this respect. The electric model weighs as much as 9,063 pounds (4,111 kg), with the big battery alone tipping the scales at 2,923 pounds (1,325 kg)—almost as much as a 2022 Honda Civic.

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For context, the Hummer H1 had a curb weight of 7,558 pounds while the H2 weighed as much as 6,614 pounds. When it comes to competitors, the Hummer EV is 2,000 pounds heavier than the Rivian R1T Launch Edition and 2,313 pounds heavier than the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Needless to say, such a massive weight affects the efficiency. According to the EPA filings, the GMC Hummer EV will achieve an EPA combined range of 329 miles, which is slightly below the initial estimate of 350 miles.

Factor in the massive storage capacity of its Ultium battery—212.7 kWh usable—and the EPA combined efficiency rating is 47 MPGe, way below the Rivian R1T's 70-MPGe rating. The Rivian also has a much smaller battery capacity of 128.9 kWh, as does the Ford F-150 Lightning's Extended Range pack—131 kWh.

The Hummer EV's complete MPGe figures are 51 MPGe city, 43 MPGe highway, and 47 MPGe combined; it remains to be seen how accurate these figures will be in real-world usage. Interestingly, GM told Car and Driver that the MPGe figures will not be displayed on the bumper sticker, as vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) above 8,500 pounds are not required to. Still, some automakers, such as Rivian, chose to display them even though they are not legally required to.

Subpar efficiency aside, the GMC Hummer EV's 329-mile range surpasses that of the R1T (314 miles) and F-150 Lightning (300 miles), thanks to its massive battery.

Check out GM's full EPA filing at this link.

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