Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, smart brand and Mercedes-Benz Vans) reports 2,427,686 vehicle sales in 2021 (down 4.0% year-over-year), out of which 566,500 were sold in Q4 (down 23.0%).

Despite a challenging year, the group managed to significantly increase plug-in electric vehicle sales.

In 2021, the total deliveries of plug-in hybrid and all-electric passenger cars reached a record of 227,458 units (up 69.3%). That's about a 10.9% share out of the total passenger car volume.

This number includes 48,936 Mercedes-Benz EQ all-electric passenger cars (up 154.8% year-over-year), which is about 2.4% of the total Mercedes-Benz passenger car sales. An additional 50,365 BEVs were sold by smart and Mercedes-Benz Vans.

The total number of all-electric vehicles sold in 2021 stands at 99,301 (up 90.3%), including 35,026 in Q4 (up 29.7%). That's about 4.1% of the total volume in 2021.

Overall plug-in sales in 2021 (some numbers remain unknown/estimated):

  • Mercedes-Benz Cars: 227,458 (up 69.3%)
    Mercedes-Benz: 48,936 all-electric (up 154.8%) and probably up to about 138,000-140,000 plug-in hybrids
    smart: we assume that almost all of 11,838 in Q4 (down 27.8%) and 38,514 YTD (up 0.3%) were all-electric
  • Mercedes-Benz Vans: "More than 9,000 electric vans (for commercial use)"
  • Total: probably up to around 239,000 plug-ins
    35,026 in Q4 (up 29.7%) and 99,301 in 2021 (up 90.3%)
    probably up to about 138,000-140,000

The company reports that the introduction of the Mercedes-Benz EQS boosted EV sales. The total number of orders reached 16,370 (as reported in early January). In Q4, the first 443 units were sold in the U.S.

"Since the EQS went on sale in August 2021, orders for the electric flagship reached 16,370. The retail launch in the two largest markets – the United States and China – started in December, providing a further boost to customer orders."

This year, more all-electric models should further increase Mercedes-Benz EQ sales. Who knows, maybe even matching the volume of the plug-in hybrid.

Detailed results:

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