The BMW Group reports 2,521,525 vehicle sales in 2021 (up 8.4% year-over-year), including a new all-time high for the BMW brand: 2,213,795 (up 9.1%), which makes it number one in the global premium segment.

The overall Q4 results and YTD through December stand at:

  • BMW: 510,727 (down 15.1%) and 2,213,795 (up 9.1%) YTD
  • MINI: 77,306 (down 8.5%) and 302,144 (up 3.3%) YTD
  • BMW Group Automotive: 589,301 (down 14.2%) and 2,521,525 (up 8.4%) YTD

Electrification at an all-time high

BMW Group progresses quickly on the path of electrification, delivering 96,741 plug-in electric cars in Q4 (up 26.9% year-over-year), which is a new quarterly high "despite supply bottlenecks."

Also, the plug-in vehicle share improved to a new all-time high of nearly 16.5% in Q4.

BMW and MINI plug-in car sales worldwide – Q4 2021


Impressive are the results for the full year 2021 with 328,316 plug-in electric car sales (up 70.4% year-over-year) and an average share of 13% in the BMW Group volume.

Out of that, 103,855 (or 31.6% of all plug-ins) are all-electric cars. The BEV volume more than doubled year-over-year in 2021 and the group intends to more than double the BEV volume once again in 2022. That means a 200,000+ target.

BMW Group plug-in car sales in 2021:

  • BEVs: 103,855 and 4.1% share
  • PHEVs: 224,461 and 8.9% share
  • Total plug-ins: 328,316 (up 70.4%) and 13% share (23% in Europe)

Pieter Nota, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Customer, Brands, Sales said:

“Despite supply bottlenecks and the continuing coronavirus pandemic: We achieved a strong sales performance in 2021, thanks to a powerful operational performance and stellar product line-up. Our brands reported numerous all-time best sales results around the globe – spearheaded by the BMW brand, which is number one in the global premium segment. With more than 100,000 fully-electric vehicles sold last year, ramping up electromobility was our clear focus,”

“In 2022 we want to continue our profitable growth and we will systematically expand our range of fully-electric vehicles. We have set ourselves particularly ambitious growth targets in this area and aim to more than double our sales of fully-electric vehicles from last year,”

BMW Group notes that its fully electric car sales in Germany more than doubled to 27,248, which combined with 43,842 plug-in hybrids, represents a quarter of all vehicles delivered in Germany - 71,090 or 21.7% of all plug-ins globally.

In China, plug-in car sales increased by 69.6% year-over-year (the volume has not been revealed).

Top BEV models

In late 2021, BMW launched two new all-electric models: the BMW i4 and BMW iX, but the majority of BEV sales fell on the older models:

2021 sales (global):

  • BMW iX3: 37,939 (about one in ten BMW X3)
    including more than 21,000 in China, where the car is produced
  • MINI Cooper SE34,851 (up 98.2% year-over-year) or 11.5% of all MINI sales
    (one in three MINI 3 door model; MINI family’s highest-volume model)
  • BMW i3: 28,216 (up 5.4% year-over-year, but far below records - 39,501 in 2019)
  • other BEVs: 2,849
  • Total: 103,855

BMW Group future

In 2022, BMW will launch the sporty BMW i4 M50 and BMW iX M60 as well as two new all-electric models - the BMW 7 Series and BMW X1, which will be followed by several more BEVs in the next couple of years:

  • BMW 7 Series in 2022
  • BMW X1 in 2022
  • BMW 5 Series in 2023
  • the successor to the MINI Countryman
  • Rolls-Royce Spectre (in Q4 2023)

The plan includes deep electrification of the entire lineup of all brands:

  • By 2023, the BMW Group will have at least one fully-electric model on the roads in about 90% of its current market segments
  • Fully-electric vehicles to account for at least 50% of its global sales in 2030
  • MINI will offer an exclusively all-electric product range by the early 2030
  • By 2030 all Rolls‑Royce products will be fully electric
  • Over the next ten years or so, the company plans to release a total of about ten million fully-electric vehicles onto the roads
  • All future new models from BMW Motorrad in the field of urban mobility will be fully electric




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