If you've been paying attention, you're likely aware that electric cars – while still only accounting for a small portion of the automotive market in the US – are beginning to beat gas cars at some of the top awards in the industry.

This all comes as no surprise since it's not uncommon for newly emerging technology to win over old technology. If it wasn't true, there would be little reward for innovation. New concepts and ideas, especially those that are safer, cleaner, and simply better in virtually every way, should get credit. 

If it were up to us at InsideEVs, electric cars would have been dominating automotive awards for years. However, sadly, it typically takes plenty of time for people to get on board. New tech is expensive and disruptive, so the industry tends to push back against it until its momentum is such that it's unable to stifle.

We were already aware that popular car reviewer Doug DeMuro gave the Rivian R1T the highest score he's ever given to a pickup truck, and it's a quirky, midsize, electric pickup that's rather unlike award winners of the past. Moreover, DeMuro also gave the all-new GMC Hummer EV electric pickup an equally impressive Doug Score.

In the video above, Doug highlights several other awards, such as the most expensive car, the bargain of the year, the worst car of the year, the best car of the year, and many more. To help you navigate the video, which is quite long, we've entered the topics and timestamps below as posted in the YouTube comments by Wingsley:

2:14 Doug is the Type of Guy Award
3:43 Most Expensive Car
5:20 Bargain of the Year
8:27 Biggest Surprise of the Year
10:30 Worst Car of the Year
12:58 Video of the Year (Most meaningful to channel)
15:13 Quirkiest Car of the Year
20:28 Car of the Year
22:55 Top Quirks of the Year

Happy New Year :D

It's time to place your bets before watching the video. Let us know which EVs you think should win, and why? Is there a Tesla on Doug's list?

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