Tesla is growing exponentially across the globe, though China is a clear leader when it comes to . Fortunately for the US electric automaker, its factory in China is cranking out many more EVs than it had originally planned, and the Chinese are filling orders and driving emissions-free.

While Tesla hit some speed bumps in China earlier this year, it didn't stop the EV maker from making huge waves in the country and further encouraging other countries to get with the program. 

According to a recent report published by our friends at Teslarati, Tesla China has provided its most recent year-to-date energy report. The report says that the country's Tesla owners, who already add up to over 500,000, drove some 3.72 billion kilometers (~2.3 billion miles) from January to November of 2021. The total miles driven in Tesla's vehicles reduced carbon emissions by an impressive ~856,000 tons.

Teslarati writes:

"For context, a full-fledged Gerald R Ford Class aircraft carrier from the United States military features a full load displacement of 100,000 tons. With this in mind, Tesla China’s drivers were able to reduce carbon emissions equivalent to the weight of more than eight Gerald R Ford Class aircraft carriers in the first 11 months of 2021."

Meanwhile, Chinese Tesla owners saved money on fuel in the process. In fact, Gasgoo reported that Tesla owners who are charging their cars at home have reduced their vehicle fueling cost to "one-tenth of the refueling cost of a fossil-fueled vehicle."

Let's not forget, Tesla just signed a contract with Hyundai Glovis to ship its cars out of China. As Tesla's Gigafactory Shanghai becomes a major export hub, the automaker can work to help other countries greatly reduce emissions as well.

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