Audi is recalling exactly ten E-Tron GTs in order to fix a fault that is only present in this small number of vehicles built between September 14 - 17. All of them were sold in the United States, which is why this recall doesn’t affect any other geographical region, not even Canada or Europe.

The manufacturer will begin notifying owners of the affected vehicles and it will ensure that the fault is fixed. Audi says the problem stems from a retaining ring at the top of the air suspension strut that loosens over time and it eventually starts letting air out of the airbag.

This doesn’t sound like something that could pose a serious safety hazard because the airbag doesn’t burst or anything of the sort - this is a slow release of air that will make the compressor work harder to keep it filled. The mechanically related Porsche Taycan, on the other hand, was recalled for considerably more serious sounding suspension-related issues.

Porsche recalled the Taycan on two separate occasions this year - once, in March, it was recalled for what the NHTSA called

A loose threaded connection might cause movement of respective suspension component beyond its intended position

Adding that if this happened, it could lead to

A sudden loss of vehicle stability and control

The Taycan was recalled a second time in 2021 after three reports of vehicles with separate suspension trailing arms that had broken from one of their mountings. This was another issue that could increase the likelihood of the car getting in an accident, because if it occurred, it changed the angle of the steering wheel by up to 45 degrees.

Audi previously recalled the E-Tron GT in August, in order to fix a software-related error that could cause drive failure.

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