YouTube channel Electrifying has become a new InsideEVs favorite thanks to its focus on EV education. However, what sets the channel apart is the way it presents its material. Some topics about electric cars aren't very fun or exciting, though they're necessary to educate people. Electrifying provides informative content all while keeping the delivery fun, sometimes silly, and always easy to understand.

There's a lot of talk these days about EV charging, and there's also an abundance of misinformation. If someone told you it would take several days to charge an EV, you probably wouldn't buy it. While this charging detail is true in a literal sense, it's actually quite misleading.

If you read that it costs more to charge an EV than to pay for gas, you'd probably be concerned about getting an EV. Again, in some rare instances, this could be proven true, but it's absolutely not the norm. In fact, most people save a ton of money on "fuel" by switching to an electric car.

For this reason, even though EV charging is very simple, there are plenty of things you should be made aware of. Having a solid understanding of electric car charging should put your mind at ease. Once the masses better understand electric cars, their range, the various impacts on range, and the basics of home charging and public fast-charging, it only makes sense that more people will be comfortable replacing their gas cars with electric cars.

Anyone can charge an EV with basically zero education. It's not hard to simply park the car, plug it in, and walk away. You can even charge your EV at home using a standard 110-volt outlet, though it will actually take days to charge that way. With a Level 2 home charging system, your electric car should charge to full overnight. On road trips, you can use public fast-charging stations that can charge EVs in minutes.

Electrifying put together the video above in partnership with Octopus Energy. The goal is to answer all of the frequently asked questions about EV charging. The publication has provided the following chapters and timestamps, which make it easy to navigate to the sections of the video you're most interested in.

00:00 Intro
00:53 Where can you charge?
02:50 How much charge do I need?
03:24 How long will it take?
04:11 Connectors & Cables
06:44 How do I pay?
08:46 Finding a charger
09:43 Outro

Once you've had an opportunity to watch the video, help out our EV newbies by providing your own EV charging tips and tricks in the comment section below. We can all learn from one another, and education is key to . Moreover, don't be afraid to ask questions in the comment section. There's no such thing as a stupid question, and our editors and seasoned readers are always here to help.

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