It has officially happened, California just surpassed a major milestone in the push toward electrification. The state, just this month – November 2021 – hit 1 million EVs sold. Teslarati published an article about the milestone, which came from information via California Energy Commission Chair David Hochschild.

While Tesla isn't the only automaker selling EVs in California, as well as exporting them from its factory in Fremont, it played a huge role in pushing the Golden State past the one-million milestone. Hochschild shared in a statement at a Washington Post event:

“We just hit this month a very significant milestone, reaching 1 million electric vehicles sold in California. There are almost three dozen companies making EVs in the state, which are now its largest export."

Tesla has been up against extreme adversity and skepticism over the years. However, CEOs from automakers, such as Ford and Volkswagen, have recently thanked and praised the "California" electric automaker for leading the charge toward electrification.

Hochschild also made sure to credit local and state government representatives for helping fuel the transition. California's future goals are much more aggressive than many other states, and its sale of 1 million EVs is proof that it's working. He added, according to Teslarati:

"Local and state leadership is really how change happens in our world. It’s really from the bottom up. And what we need at the local and state level is support from the national government.”

Going forward, Tesla's new headquarters will be located in Texas. CEO Elon Musk made it clear he may leave California, and since then, he has personally relocated to Texas, and Tesla is nearing the completion of a massive factory in the state.

That said, Tesla is clearly still producing vehicles at the Fremont factory, and those plans will continue. In fact, Musk said Tesla aims to up Fremont's production capacity by some 50% going forward.

At this point in time, there are no official plans for a physical headquarters in Texas, though it's likely in the cards. Tesla has already announced Texas as its new home, but hasn't provided many details about future plans.

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