Let's see how the rivalry between the Tesla Model S Plaid and McLaren 720S is playing out. Both cars crank out about 1,000 horsepower. However, while the Model S is a heavy, family-friendly sedan, the McLaren S is a purpose-built two-seat supercar.

Many drivers have given it a go against the ridiculous Model S Plaid. From gas-powered sports cars with impressively quick acceleration to rival electric cars, million-dollar supercars, and heavily modded muscle cars, the Model S Plaid appears to have faced off against the full gamut of competitors. Heck, it even raced super-quick motorcycles, an airplane, and some crazy fast RC toys.

That said, the McLaren 720S is arguably the Model S Plaid's top rival. While few Plaid races deserve a rematch, since the Plaid left most rivals in the dust, that's not true of the McLaren. We've seen the Model S Plaid race the McLaren 720S before, and we certainly needed to see it again.

This time, DragTimes is the channel pitting these legendary cars against one another. Brooks reminds us that he already raced the Tesla flagship against the McLaren 765LT, which makes 786 horsepower. However, on the dyno, the McLaren produced an impressive 850 horsepower. Meanwhile, the 720S cranks out much more.

Despite assumptions that the McLaren 756LT may give the Plaid a compelling rival, the Tesla hammered it with ease. Will the McLaren 720S tell a different story? In other related videos, we've seen the Plaid beat the 720S multiple times. Even when the Plaid was loaded with passengers and the McLaren was given a head start, the Plaid still won by a nose.

Chances are, the Plaid is going to win yet again. However, you never know what might happen. We won't spoil it for you, but we will tell you're likely going to be shocked by the results.

DragTimes performs three consecutive, and a different car wins each time, so the winner is the car that takes two races out of three. It's also important to note that the Plaid starts the races with a 73% state of charge.

Check out the relatively short drag-race video to see the results for yourself. Then, drop us a line in the comments.

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