The Humvee was a military vehicle that garnered a lot of appeal from the general public and enough interest that it spawned the civilian version, called the Hummer H1. Then, the subsequent H2 and H3 models exploited the H1’s image to the maximum, but were little more than rebodied GM SUVs that looked like the original, but performed nothing like it.

And thus, the Hummer brand got a bad image and it seemed GM all but abandoned the idea. But now GMC has the new Hummer EV ready to launch soon, and according to a recent article on CNBC, a military version of it is reportedly in the works and we could see a prototype debut next year.

The vehicle will not look like the series production version, but it will be based on the same underpinnings and possibly feature versions of the same battery pack with Ultium cells, as well as the Hummer's powertrain. CNBC quotes GM Defense President Steve duMont, who confirmed plans for the vehicle they call eLRV (electric Light Reconnaissance Vehicle) destined to be used by the Army.

According to duMont,

The Army’s very excited about the fact that we’re investing in this. The eLRV, that’s the first purpose built from the ground up, you saw it today, it’s our Hummer EV. Our Hummer EV is what we’re going to base that vehicle on.

duMont made these comments after a visit from Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks, who said the Department of Defense (DoD) was, in fact, already sold on the idea of a light tactical reconnaissance vehicle running solely on electrons. In fact, the DoD has already announced an ambitious plan to electrify its fleet of vehicles, although it will take some time for that to happen.

If you want to get an idea of how the Hummer EV will change from civilian to military form, you can check out the Infantry Squad Vehicle that has already been shown. It shares its powertrain and most of its running gear with the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, but it doesn’t use its body panels, or interior, so it looks quite different.

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