What can you do if you want an electric Hummer but don’t want to pay or wait for the new one that’s being launched under the GMC brand? Well, you can make your own, obviously, like renowned YouTuber JerryRigEverything (real name Zack Nelson) who is already well underway with the creation of his very own Hummer EV.

He started out with a military-spec Humvee which was stripped out and the plan was to have an electric motor and a battery pack sourced from a Tesla Model X. When it came to finding a motor, Zack opted for one that came out of one of those vehicles you see moving jets around airports - they are known as tugs or pushback tractors.

So far, there have been three videos from this series released, the latest one being the one in which the electric motor gets mounted in the vehicle via some laser-cut mounting brackets. In fact, even though the title of the latest video focuses on the laser part, Zack actually gets a lot of the project done by the end of it.

This series is not only interesting because it is about a first-gen Hummer that’s being converted to run on electrons, but also because you get to see some of the vehicle’s interesting engineering solutions. For instance, you can access the engine bay from the passenger compartment (like you will be able to in Bollinger vehicles). The brakes are also unusual because they are inboard and, believe it or not, the entire structure is made out of aluminum.

Now even though this is mostly a DIY job, Zack admits that the project will definitely cost him a pretty penny given its scale (and the actual size of the vehicle). Will it cost him over $100,000 to come close to the cost of a brand new GMC Hummer EV? We’ll have to keep watching this series of videos to find out.

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