There's a whole lot of talk about the Tesla and Hertz 'deal' in the media. In fact, we just shared a recent interview with you from Yahoo! Finance. Hertz interim CEO Mark Fields (former Ford CEO) shared his excitement about the deal, and now, famous NFL Super Bowl champion quarterback Tom Brady, currently with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has chimed in as well.

Why did Hertz choose the NFL superstar?

As it turns out, Brady has owned a Tesla for four years. He admits to being a Tesla fan and says he bought a Tesla as a "conscious choice to lead a more sustainable lifestyle." 

We should also ask, why did Hertz choose Tesla over EVs from other brands?

It comes as no surprise that Tesla CEO Elon Musk chimed in saying the companies haven't signed a contract yet, and Hertz paid full price. Tesla is massively production-constrained, so the rental car company may be waiting much longer than it anticipated to get all of its Model 3 sedans delivered. However, without the likes of Brady and Tesla, Hertz may not have been able to attract so much attention and move toward newfound success.

If you haven't been following the Tesla / Hertz deal, Brady is the star in several new ads put out by the rental car company. Keep in mind, it wasn't long ago that Hertz filed bankruptcy, but now with the positive media attention surrounding its purchase of 100,000 (or more) Teslas, as well as a related deal with Uber, Hertz has launched a successful "re-IPO."

Brady has been a customer of Hertz for a long time, and he has plenty of faith in the company and its leadership. He says he thinks Tesla and EVs are the direction the world is heading, and he's very positive about supporting the mission.

Check out the brief interview at the top of the page. Then, Let us know what you think of the whole Tesla and Hertz situation. Was Tom Brady a good choice? Moreover, was Tesla, in general, a wise choice, or should Hertz have considered electric cars from other companies?

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