If you haven't already heard the news, Tesla is now a trillion-dollar company. It's one of only a few companies to ever hit a market cap of $1 trillion, and it did so in record time. Moreover, it didn't just briefly hit $1 trillion and then drop off, but rather, it hit the milestone and then kept on soaring.

Tesla is the most valuable automaker in the world, and has been for some time. However, now Tesla is also the first trillion-dollar automaker. This is interesting since several other automakers have been around for much longer, and they produce and sell many more cars than Tesla. So, what makes Tesla different?

The argument in favor of Tesla being so highly valued is that it's more than just a carmaker. Tesla is a tech company, a software company, a leader in charging infrastructure, an energy company, and so much more.

Our friend Billy Crammer has been making Tesla spec ads for some time. We've been very impressed with his work, and we've shared many of his videos with you here. Tesla's trillion-dollar milestone got Crammer's attention, and it presented the perfect recipe for another Tesla ad. He wrote on Twitter:

"Tesla just became a trillion-dollar company Here’s a video I made celebrating the amazing journey they have made to reach this milestone! @elonmusk@Tesla

Thanks to @FlaTeslafor helping with this #Tesla"


As you can see, the ad isn't simply random Tesla eye candy, but rather, a story told through multiple mediums. As with all of Crammer's work, the editing is superb ... it just flows. It's so simple, yet it has so much meaning. The quotes, the imagery, the music, all of it works to wow you.

Tesla has overcome incredible adversity and found true success as a global automaker. It's disrupting several industries simultaneously, and that rubs many people the wrong way. However, Tesla is working to prove that the impossible is possible, and its trillion-dollar market cap is just one piece of proof of that.

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