Six in every 10 UK motorists would consider an electric car if they were planning to buy a vehicle in 2022, new research has found. A study by the automotive consumer organisation, the Motor Ombudsman, quizzed more than 1,700 British drivers to gain more insight into attitudes towards electric vehicles (EVs).

In all, 61 percent of those questioned said they would look at electric options if they were buying a new or used vehicle next year, but that figure rose sharply among young drivers. Of the respondents aged 18-24, 79 percent said they would buy an electric vehicle if they were in the market for a fresh set of wheels.

The survey found 59 percent of respondents thought the UK’s electric car charging network would be a key influence on their decision. Four in 10 (42 percent) said the range of vehicles on offer would be a big factor, while 39 percent said the price of petrol and diesel would heavily influence their decision. Similarly, a fifth of respondents (22 percent) said they would be influenced by the recent fuel shortages, and 15 percent said the forthcoming expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone would impact their decision-making.

Renault Zoe E-Tech Riviera Limited Edition

Other motivations for choosing an electric car included environmental concerns, which were a major factor for 68 percent of those who would consider an electric car. Four in 10 (39 percent) said they would like a plug-in vehicle because it could be charged on their driveway at their own convenience.

By the same token, almost one in three respondents (29 percent) said an EV would suit their lifestyle, while almost a quarter (24 percent) felt going electric would “set a good example to others”. About a fifth (19 percent) said the low-maintenance nature of electric powertrains would appeal.

“As our study has shown, electric vehicles are fast becoming a leading choice for motorists when buying a car, thanks in part to the growing charging network and the greater choice of models now on the market,” said Bill Fennell, the chief ombudsman and managing director of the Motor Ombudsman.

“However, current events, such as the rising cost of petrol and diesel at the pumps, the unavailability of fuel, as well as the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone in the London area, are clearly front of mind for consumers, and are playing their part in the decision regarding what type of car to get next.”

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