It's outright crazy that a 14-second video with almost nothing to share can get so much traction on TikTok, not to mention really pi***** a bunch of people off. Social media works in weird ways for sure.

As the story goes, a Tesla Model 3 driver posted a very short clip on TikTok. He parks at a gas station in his electric car, gas can in hand. Then, he proceeds to exit the car with the gas can, stating that he must fill it up due to the UK gas crisis. A few seconds later, the Tesla driver turns around, glances at the Model 3, and reminds us that he doesn't need gas.


While the video is short, simply silly, and the Tesla driver didn't talk to or bother anyone, many people online thought the video was unnecessary and uncalled for. Our friends at Teslarati point out that the brief TikTok video prank got over 1 million views, as well as some 58,000 likes. More importantly, there are hundreds of comments to read.

It comes as no surprise that people commented that the Tesla owner should stop boasting. Another comment talked about the potential for an upcoming "electricity crisis." Teslarati noted that one of the most upset commenters wrote, “if a Tesla driver is being an idiot, just unplug the charger because they left their car.”

It's comments like the latter that are a bigger issue, especially if people actually do unplug electric cars, which we've seen plenty of times in the past. Making a funny video and actually messing with someone's car are two very different things.

The Model 3 driver has said it was just a silly prank, and not meant to be serious or offend anyone. He also made it clear that he doesn't even own the Model 3, rather, it belongs to his rich wife. Moreover, he owns a motorbike that requires gasoline, so he's actually impacted by the gas crisis, too.

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