YouTube channel Daily Motor recently got the chance to check out the towing capabilities of the 2021 BMW X5 45e, and it’s fair to say the results were impressive. The channel’s host, Charlie, used a Honda Grom motorbike for the test. Coupled with a trailer, the total package weighed around 1,400 lbs. Although well below the X5 PHEV’s 6,000 lbs maximum towing capacity, Charlie believes it was an accurate representation of the amount most X5 owners would tow. He felt those looking to tow more on a regular basis (e.g. heavy duty towing) would most likely buy another vehicle.

The X5 has a standard hitch receiver as well as places for four and seven pin plug-ins for trailer lights. It also has trailer stability control. When a trailer is attached, blind spot collision warning and a number of other driver assistance features become limited in their ability, which is understandable given the trailer will likely be blocking the view of car’s the rear facing cameras. Interestingly, the X5 can also warn if a trailer light is malfunctioning.

Charlie’s X5 had 4 miles of all-electric range during the video, meaning he could theoretically complete his whole trip solely on electric power. Aptly, the X5 automatically goes into tow mode once a trailer is connected. Unsurprisingly Charlie could not engage lane keep assist when the trailer was connected and tow mode engaged.

Overall, Charlie was very satisfied with the X5 PHEV’s towing capability, as well as the car in general. He found it smooth and refined whilst towing with no significant loss of power. He reckons the X5 is one of the best all-round vehicles on sale at its price point, with the plug-in hybrid version being the pick of the range.

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