Self-driving technology in the automotive segment is still in its infancy, in spite of many advancements made in recent years. Each manufacturer is trying to find its own direction when it comes to self-driving, and some of the changes they make come as a result of tragic events that occurred while one of their vehicles was driving itself.

Nio is now reportedly asking drivers to take a quiz and watch a short six-minute video before being allowed to drive with the assisted driving features enabled. This was prompted after a recent fatal crash in an ES8 SUV which was on Pilot mode on a stretch of road where the speed limit is 120 km/h or 75 mph - the ES8 drove straight into a road maintenance vehicle.

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Now the new video that drivers are required to watch shows off the Nio Pilot system’s main features and it also makes the viewer aware that it doesn’t do autonomous driving, instead being purely an assisted driving solution that requires the driver to pay attention to the road at all times.  The video also explains how Nio Pilot is enabled, disabled, how it handles lane changes and how you can adjust the speed and distance to the car in front.

Following the aforementioned ES8 crash, Nio saw a 5.5 percent drop in its share prices, so the company is doing all it can to mitigate its aftermath. It’s also not alone in requiring drivers to take a test, because their compatriots from Xpeng also do it - Xpeng also has its own test that you have to pass in order for the company to make sure you know how to use its Navigation Guided Pilot feature safely (it as introduced this March).

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