Tesla makes the world's most popular electric cars, and people like them for a variety of reasons, such as unique and attractive styling, dynamic overall performance, more estimated range than rivals, and cutting-edge technology. However, while all of these features contribute to Tesla's success, some folks would argue that the Tesla Supercharger network is the company's most important achievement.

While there are other automakers capable of making long-range EVs that look nice and perform well, no other brand has its own proprietary fast-charging network. In addition, though the Tesla Supercharger network isn't perfect or free of problems, it tends to be more reliable than competing networks.

Tesla's public fast-charging network has locations across the globe in areas that make sense, which also means the network makes long road trips possible in places where it may be a struggle to find rapid charging for other electric vehicles.

With that said, you've probably heard that Tesla plans to open the network up to other EVs in the future. When this news came out, some Tesla fans and owners were happy and excited. Why? Because Tesla is working to achieve its mission of promoting EV adoption.

Meanwhile, other Tesla fans and owners are skeptical about these plans since it may mean more traffic at Superchargers. Still, others are concerned that Tesla is now giving away its most important feature to the competition. If other EVs can use the Tesla Supercharger network, perhaps more people will buy other EVs, and fewer people will buy a Tesla.

Our friend Andy Slye dives into the topic in his latest video. He provides the following timestamps and topics:

0:00 Intro
0:35 Tesla's Beginning Strategy
1:58 The Supercharger Network
4:51 Sponsor (Manscaped)
6:03 Tesla's Big Change
7:04 The Problem
8:13 The Future of Charging

There's a whole lot to consider and digest when it comes to this hot topic. So, check out Andy's take, and then head down to our comment section to start a conversation. We're interested to know what you think.

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