While the Tesla Model S Plaid has been in the news for months, we haven't heard a whole lot about the upcoming Model X Plaid. In fact, we even had someone ask during our pre-show podcast, "Is the Model X dead?" No, it's not, and it was actually parked at Fremont for all eyes to see.


With the way Tesla operates, one could assume the Model X will eventually go away, and it wouldn't come as a huge surprise. Tesla hasn't enjoyed monumental Model S or Model X sales for years. It actually stopped producing and selling the cars for a bit this year, and it still broke delivery records.

It seems the Plaid version of the refreshed Model S is an attempt for Tesla to ramp up sales of its flagship vehicle, and it makes perfect sense. As Elon Musk said at the event, the point of the car is also to speed up the adoption of EVs by proving that they're simply MUCH better than gas-powered cars in every way. SUVs are the most popular vehicles in America, but when it comes to super-high-performance vehicles, a sedan or hot hatch just makes more sense.

Some people buying the Tesla Model X are likely opting for it due in part to its performance, but the need for a vehicle with space for the whole family and their cargo is probably more reason to go with the X rather than the S. This makes us wonder how well a Model X Plaid will sell. 


Perhaps Tesla will sell it for a bit to see how popular it is. Maybe Musk will take to Twitter and suggest people don't "need" a supercar-like SUV. If the Model X Plaid doesn't sell well, Tesla could easily discontinue it. The brand has a reputation for making major adjustments, such as changing prices often, adding trims, eliminating trims, and even discontinuing future cars that it has touted and taken deposits for.

With all of that said, it makes sense that Tesla didn't focus on the Model X Plaid at the event, but it's nice to learn that it was on hand for people to check out.

We'd love to know what you think about the future of the Tesla Model X Plaid. Why did Tesla avoid mentioning it and showing it off? Will people buy it over the Model S Plaid?

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