We recently had Laycee, the host of the YouTube channel Miss GoElectric, on the InsideEVs weekly podcast and she turned out to be a really great guest. 

When we were recording the segment, she mentioned that she had recently visited Electrify America's Center of Excellence Technology Lab to learn more about what the company was up to and that she would be posting a video of it soon. 

We couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring more of Laycee's insightful content to the InsideEVs community and once she posted the video we asked for permission to do just that. 

Miss GoElectric talks EV charging

The video begins with Laycee answering some of the most common questions that those new to electric vehicles usually ask. 

She then goes into more complex EV charging questions including explaining the different levels of charging and the speed at which those levels will provide in the easy-to-understand form of "miles of range per hour of charging". 

"As of this week, the US Department of Energy reports that there are well over 46,000 public charging stations in the United States with over 110,000 charging outlets available" - Miss GoElectric

She explains that there are currently over 46,000 public charging stations in the US, and that number is increasing rapidly. After explaining the three different DC fast charge standards used today (CCS, CHAdeMO & Tesla), she reveals that she's currently driving to Electrify America's headquarters in Reston, Virginia, to talk to company representatives and learn more about what the EV infrastructure giant is up to. 

While at Electrify America's Center of Excellence Technology Lab, she gets to speak with the Senior Director of Operations at Electrify America, Anthony Lambkin, and Amy Soderquist, a Commercial Business Development Manager for the company. 

During the discussions, we learn more about Plug&Charge technology, how they choose locations, the recently announced Jeep charging network, customer service, what they're doing to ensure the customer experience continues to improve, and much more.  

So check out the video and let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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