Wallbox, the Barcelona-based EVSE provider, recently announced that it is in the process of searching for a location to establish a manufacturing facility in the United States. The company has been manufacturing and selling EV charging equipment in Europe for years, and only recently entered the North American market with its Pulsar Plus. 

According to Wallbox Co-Founder and CEO, Enric Asunción, the introduction of the Pulsar Plus has been a success in the U.S. so far and sales are increasing every week. 

“Pulsar Plus is the first U.S. product we’ve launched in the US and it is far outperforming our projections. Sales have been growing consistently every week, impulsed by positive reviews from customers and industry experts,” added Asunción.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus EV charger
The full Wallbox Pulsar Plus Review can be found on InsideEVs

I was sent a Pulsar Plus to use and review a few months ago, and my full Pulsar Plus review (including video) was posted here on InsideEVs last month. I was impressed and the unit tied the Enel X JuiceBox and ChargePoint Home Flex for the highest-rated home charger that we've tested to date. 

"The rapid growth we're experiencing in the United States will require us to shortly increase capacity, and we believe by adding a factory in the US will allow us to serve the U.S. market even better with local production and jobs," said Wallbox Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Enric Asunción.

Asunción added that adding a manufacturing facility in the U.S. will allow Wallbox to meet the rising demand for EV charging equipment, and it will also provide quality jobs for Americans. 

Wallbox expansion not limited to the U.S.

The company is also expanding its manufacturing capacity in Europe. Wallbox is currently building a new factory in Barcelona to produce residential charging equipment, as well as public chargers. The new factory was announced earlier this year, and Wallbox is already planning to begin operations there in the third quarter of 2021.

Do we have any Pulsar Plus users out there? Let us know what you think of the unit in the comment section below. 

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