If you love Tesla vehicles for the range they offer, the French magazine L’Automobile proved that there are way more options that do well in that regard. According to its tests, the Volkswagen ID.4 can go further on the highway than the Tesla Model 3 Long Range. While the American car travels 320 kilometers (198.8 miles), the ID.4 can reach 340 km (211.3 mi). Although that is not a large advantage, it still puts the Volkswagen ahead of the Tesla.

The French magazine also performs its tests on urban and mixed cycles. The ID.4’s numbers are respectively 464 km (288.3 mi) and 388 km (241.1 mi). The Model 3 numbers are respectively 445 km (276.5 mi) and 393 km (244.2 mi), the only moment in which the Tesla beats the Volkswagen. When you think the ID.4 with the 77 kWh battery pack is sold for €48,360 in France and that the Model 3 Long Range costs €52,990, the range difference is even more meaningful.

VW ID.4 Beats Tesla Model Y Long Range In French Range Test

Concerning the electric vehicles L’Automobile has tested so far, the ID.4 is the best one on the highway, but not overall. The Kia Soul EV managed to run 532 km (330.6 mi) in the city, 353 km (219.3 mi) in a mixed cycle, and only 265 km (146.7 mi) on the highway, which shows how important aerodynamics are at higher speeds.

Surprisingly, the Hyundai Kona Electric presented the same range on the highway (265 km) in L’Automobile’s tests despite apparently having a more aerodynamic shape. It runs 480 km (298.2 mi) in the urban cycle and 380 km (236.1 mi) in mixed.

Once again, the results from the French magazine show how electric cars deserve a specific testing standard that can identify all the seemingly small variables that can make a huge difference in energy consumption. It also shows Tesla may be too optimistic in disclosing its range numbers.

We have already seen this with Edmunds’ testings: many Tesla vehicles did not meet their EPA figures, while most of the competitors beat them easily. It seems the company’s WLTP numbers also fail to reflect what the cars can really achieve: the Model 3 Long Range would have 560 km (345 mi) of range when L’Automobile made its tests with it. Tesla currently informs it can run 614 km (381.5 mi).

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