Autopilot saves another Tesla from a possible accident. Saffatt Al Mansoor, who posted the video on his YouTube channel, normally posts dance videos. He must have been compelled to post this video from his Tesla Model Y because Autopilot potentially saved him and his passengers from a bad highway accident. 

In the description of the video, Saffatt puts: 

“I had a terrible experience with Tesla sales and quality but maybe this made up for it. The car was in AutoPilot and swerved out of the way twice to keep me from crashing to the left or the right.”

If you watch the 37-second video, you’ll see a big GMC Sierra 2500 HD pickup truck towing a large trailer driving along the Model Y on a highway. Then suddenly, the truck starts merging into the Tesla’s lane without warning. It’s unclear if the truck was changing lanes or just crossed over by mistake, but the truck didn’t have its indicator on. 

It seems the driver of the truck wasn’t paying attention and popped out of his lane by accident. The Model Y’s Autopilot system reacted when the truck’s trailer was already past the lane markers and only a few feet from the Tesla. The system performed a controlled swerve and slowed the Model Y down a little. If you look at the end of the video that has the driver-side footage, you can see how the Autopilot system kept the Model Y in its lane and away from the Camry in the carpool lane. 

The driver of the truck saw what they did and quickly corrected the truck back into its lane and kept going. Since the truck was already past the Tesla when it crossed the lane, the truck’s trailer would have collided with the Tesla, and that could have been a big mess on the highway. 

We regularly post videos of Tesla Autopilot saving people from accidents. The two examples above are pretty impressive. If you’re a Tesla owner that has one to share, please let us know. 

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