It is only after you age and have kids that you see SUVs can make sense. When back pains come, and you have to put your children in their car seats, you realize it is much easier to do so if the car is taller. That is even more true if you are a tall person. Jack Scarlett got a glimpse of why SUVs may make sense after his review of the Volkswagen ID.4.

Anyway, he did not realize that by putting 5 kg (11 lb) or even heavier bags or child dummies in the back seat. Scarlett came to that conclusion because the ID.4 is a bigger car that truly offers more room. Thank the MEB for that achievement.

This Electroheads VW ID.4 Review May Make You Want To Have Kids

Joking aside, the youtuber is really impressed by how the ID.4 behaves on the road and by the tons of space it offers, especially when it comes to the luggage compartment. As Scarlett summarizes it, Volkswagen seems to have nailed all the main needs dads would have for their cars with the ID.4 apart from the multimedia system, which he defines as rubbish.

Despite hating what Volkswagen has done with the central touchscreen, that also gave the youtuber a sense of all the things that the company got right with its dedicated platform for EVs. Scarlett even highlights how versatile the MEB will be when the vehicles based on it are on the streets.

The ID.3 and the ID.4 would be the best pieces of evidence around to show that a dedicated electric car architecture is the way to go when creating new vehicles. Attempting to use a combustion-engined platform with EVs makes it manifest that you are dealing with jerry-rigging, regardless of how much you manage to conceal its true nature.

Although there are things that could be better in the ID.4, Scarlett was so satisfied with the car that he even joked about having kids. Maybe the ID.4 will teach him that having them early can help you carry them in your arms for a lot longer than you’ll manage with more years on your back. And you’ll want that, trust me.

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