We are still anxious to see the first Lucid Air review. If possible, we want to offer that ourselves. However, it was fantastic to see Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield manage to get the first ride along in the Air. Her talk with David Lickfold, the associated director of chassis and vehicle dynamics at Lucid, taught us way more about the car than just how it rides.

What is clear from their conversation is that Peter Rawlinson really took Michael Klein’s advice seriously. The Churchill Capital Corp IV SPAC’s founder told Rawlinson there was no rush to launch the Air and that the car should be impeccable from day one. This is the company’s current goal, for what Lickfold told Nikki.

The Lucid Air in NYC

She rode in a beta prototype with him for more than 40 minutes. Although that car is a step behind the production vehicles, Nikki stressed it looked like something that could be sold right away for most car manufacturers. It felt solid and luxurious. Yet, Lucid did not feel it was good enough.

Although it has the same external dimensions as a Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the Air offers as much room and luxury as the S-Class. This car is the benchmark for the Air development, and it aims to beat it when it is put for sale.

Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson driving the Lucid Air

Ironically, Mercedes-Benz is also about to release its electric version of the S-Class. Called EQS, it has already demonstrated it will be very capable in terms of energy efficiency, comparable to what the Air intends to offer. A while ago, Rawlinson said he was disappointed legacy automakers did not even seem they were trying to compete. The EQS may prove they are.

In their conversation, Nikki and Lickfold reveal way more information about the electric luxury sedan. One thing the Lucid director thinks will surprise buyers is how the Air is a complete car. It is comfortable and spacious but can also devour tracks as if it was a nimble sports car, in his words. We’re still waiting for our chance to drive it to confirm that.

Make sure you watch the whole video. Nikki has another fantastic ride along to share in the next few days, and we will also cover it as soon as it gets published. Stay tuned.

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