Stellantis chairman John Elkann announced that this year the company is looking to significantly increase its global "electric vehicle" sales.

The new target is for 400,000 plug-ins in 2021 - through all the brands of PSA Group and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) - which would nearly be three times more than the 139,000 sold in 2020.

To increase the volume, Stellantis is expanding its plug-in electric car offer around the world. This year the group intends to launch 11 additional plug-in models.

In Europe, specifically, by 2025 all of the models will be available at least in electrified versions (electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid). Most recently, the share of plug-ins sales out of Stellantis' total volume in Europe (Western Europe at least) increased to about 9%.

We know also that the group is exploring the hydrogen fuel cell path, starting from commercial vehicles and mid-power system in Europe.

The target of 400,000 units in 2021 is not an extraordinary one, considering the size of the group right now, as well as what other manufacturers are doing.

Volkswagen Group sold more than 422,000 plug-in electric cars in 2020, while Tesla alone has sold almost 500,000 all-electric cars. Stellantis would be then roughly a year behind Volkswagen Group in terms of BEV/PHEV volume.

At the moment, it seems that most of the electrification (BEV/PHEV) was carried out by PSA and the European part of the FCA, but hopefully soon we will see new FCA all-electric models in North America. It means Chrysler, Dodge and RAM. Jeep is already engaged in multiple plug-in hybrids and most recently introduced an all-electric concept.

Only time will tell how well Stellantis progressed. As of today, its models and brands are not yet in the top in sales.

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