Volkswagen, in an apologetic move due to all the frenzy created by its fake name change, has decided to make right by using the Voltswattsen name globally.

First off, rumors swirled regarding the name change from Volkswagen to Voltswagen. Then, VW officially confirmed the name change. Later, the automaker stated it was not changing its name. All of this occurred prior April Fool's Day, so it was taken as truth from the automaker.

The lie was not well-received though, especially since Volkswagen has been linked to some dangerous lies in the past (think Dieselgate). Here's just an inkling of the tweets bashing VW for its deceit:

The call went out to Volkswagen to either stick to its commitment to electric cars by indeed implementing the name change or to forever be remembered for yet another lie in which its dirty past trumps its promised clean future.

VW responded and decided to up the ante. Voltswagen didn't go far enough in proving VW's commitment to EVs, so the automaker made its new name so EV-apparent that there's no way VW and EVs won't go hand-in-hand. The name? Voltswattsen. It has a certain German ring to it and clearly depicts the brand as dedicated to electric cars.

It doesn't stop there though. Voltswattsen has decided that its ID lineup of electric cars deserve a name that's symbolic of their electricness, so ID will become AMP and VW will rename the lineup. For example, ID.3 will become AMP.3 and ID.4 will become AMP.4.

VW says that it will retrofit all of its ID vehicles that are already in the buyer's hands free of charge too. It can't perform this via an over-the-air update though (Tesla probably could), but rather you'll have to take your AMP.3 or AMP.4 to your local dealership so that the new badging can be applied.

Last but not least, Voltswattsen has teased its flagship electric car in a further effort to show its commitment to an EV future. Called the AMP.9, this vehicle resembles the rare VW XL1, but ditches the dirty diesel range-extender in favor of a pure electric setup. It's believed to be the most aerodynamic and efficient car ever made.

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To make right for its wrongs, VW is offering the AMP.9 to all former VW diesel owners free of charge. That's right, hundreds of thousands of these vehicles will be given over at no cost in a gesture that VW refers to as DieselFreebies. Finally, it seems VW has gone far enough in both confirming its EV commitment and doing right for its diesel wrongs.

If you've read this far, then hopefully you know what day it is.

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