The first generation Porsche Panamera was one of the best sedans, if not the best of its generation, and it sold in spite of its... strange look. Then Porsche fixed the aesthetic side of things with the current (second-gen) model, while infusing it with tech and electrifying many of its powertrains. However, there is a chance this latest Panamera might be the last.

Why? Well, because Porsche now has the Taycan, a car so good it has convinced both keen drivers it is a real Porsche, as well as those who want a good, solid luxurious and sporty electric car to drive around as a daily. While not perfect, the Taycan has had a far better reception than the original Panamera ever did and since most manufacturers are migrating towards fully-electric vehicle in the next decade or so, Porsche could drop it altogether when it reaches the end of its life.

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Having only been launched in this particular incarnation in 2017, the Panamera still has a few years left before the time will come for a new model (probably around the year 2024). According to Autocar, however, even though the Taycan has been successful and the two models overlap, Porsche is considering keeping the Panamera for a third generation, although its formula will undergo some changes in order to differentiate it and the Taycan more.

The British publication quotes Porsche CEO, Oliver Blume, who explained that the Panamera will be pitched as a more exclusive, luxurious and expensive alternative to the Taycan. He said

I think it could work, because they are playing in different segments. The Panamera is one step higher than the Taycan. For Porsche, we are counting on five topics for differentiation: high quality, Porsche-typical design, Porsche-typical performance, fast charging (where Porsche is much better than the competition because of its 800V system) and the driving experience. These five pillars are very important for future differentiation.

So what could we expect from the third-generation Panamera? Well, since it currently has the same footprint as the Taycan and it will be aimed at even more affluent buyers who most likely value an even more luxurious feel, it will probably be bigger and more expensive than the Panamera we know today.

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