At a well-attended press event related to the EV Freedom Bill in Connecticut, the Tesla Model Y and Lucid Air were seen together for the first time ever. Since the two cars were parked right next to one another, it gives us a solid idea of how they compare in terms of their size.

For those unfamiliar with the EV Freedom Bill (legislative bill number SB 127), it has been referred to as a "Tesla Bill" in the past, but it actually goes much deeper. According to EV Club of CT the bill would:

" ... permit EV-exclusive manufacturers that do not have an existing franchise dealer network to open stores in CT. At today’s event, Tesla was joined by Rivian and Lucid. Others are expected to adopt this business model or, more to the point, this or some other new model not envisioned in the existing dealer franchise laws that were written almost 100 years ago."

Taking it a step further, the bill requires that companies opening a store must have a sustainable service model.

Several legacy automakers are now expanding their future electric car plans at the same time that many EV startups are coming onto the scene. Of course, Tesla is the most successful EV maker in the world, and it has its own independent stores that sell its vehicles direct to consumers. However, in some states, that's not allowed.

As companies like Rivian and Lucid have plans to enter the market soon, they will almost certainly face the same adversity as Tesla. In a changing car market, it no longer makes sense to stick to archaic rules that favor massive automakers and gas-powered cars.

The EV Freedom Bill was first introduced by Senator Will Haskell. He organized the recent press conference with Representative Jonathan Steinberg. Several officials and company representatives spoke at the event. The list is as follows, via EV Club of CT:

Senator Will Haskell (SB 127 co-sponsor)
Barry Kresch, President of the EV Club of CT
Rep. Jonathan Steinberg (SB 127 co-sponsor)
Jim Marpe – Westport First Selectman
Jeff Curry – Lucid Motors
Kaitlin Monaghan – Rivian
Lori Brown – League of Conservation Voters
Daniel McInerney – International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Senator Bob Duff – Majority Leader
Former Senator Art Linares

Paul Braren posted a video of the speakers on his blog.

The bill has been passed by the General Assembly’s Transportation Committee. However, votes by the full state House and state Senate have not yet been scheduled.

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