There's a good chance you've heard all the Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta news over the past few days. Version 8.2 has arrived, and so far, it seems to be vastly improved. However, we'll reiterate here that no one at InsideEVs is an FSD Beta tester (yet), so we just have to report based on what we watch and learn from other Tesla owners.

With that said, CEO Elon Musk has been teasing this update for some time, and it's supposed to have a long list of improvements. Apparently, the next update (Version 8.3) will be exponentially more advanced. However, Version 9, which is supposed to come in Q2 2021, stands to be the icing on the cake.

Tesla's FSD Beta has gotten very popular, and people are constantly asking on social media if they can joining the beta-testing team. Musk has taken notice and is working to expand the availability of the technology. You can read all the details about that here.

In the meantime, we've been carefully watching many FSD Beta videos. It's great to see the software's successes and understand its shortfalls. We also like to watch several different presenters since they all seem to have a bit of a different take. 

It was mentioned on Twitter that if thousands of people are going to soon have access to FSD Beta, it would be smart for current testers to put together some "how-to" and "what to expect" videos to help them out and assure they're capable of testing the technology in a safe and consistent manner.



There are many videos available on YouTube, as well as clips popping up on Twitter. However, the list of FSD Beta Version 8.2 videos is smaller and still growing since the update just happened. We've embedded a selection of the latest videos below for your enjoyment.

After you've had a chance to watch, let us know what you think. Is Tesla FSD Beta truly amazing, or just kind of neat? Do you think it's wise for Musk to accelerate the rollout right now?

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