Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter last night to comment about Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta technology. The tweet that got the conversation started actually had to do with horses. However, Musk continued to tweet and reply with several juicy morsels of information. The conversation was the most telling in some time related to the improvement and expansion of the advanced driver-assist system.


Most of Musk's interactions on Twitter start with some meme or some sort of cryptic late-night message. He works to get people's attention, then moves to share just enough information to get them talking and tweeting.


Musk went on to reply to a question related to the FSD Beta timeline. He agreed that public FSD Beta could launch in Q2 2021, though he was clear that Tesla needs to be very careful with this step of the rollout.


The CEO has said before that the version of FSD Beta (V8.1) he currently uses is mostly free of interventions. In a reply, he added that the upcoming build will be "a big step change beyond that." Musk also noted that Tesla is solving a "major part of real-world AI." He also said that this is "not widely known."


However, the most interesting information followed. When Musk was asked about the potential for the increased rollout of the self-driving beta technology – meaning offering it up to a wider group of test drivers, and eventually the entire public – he said the rollout will be much wider once version 9 is complete. He added that it could be as soon as next month.


It's important to note that just a few days prior, Musk confirmed on Twitter that Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta subscriptions are coming in Q2 2021 for sure. 


What do you make of all this? Is it just Musk being Musk and seeking attention, trying to boost the stock, etc.? Or, are we finally almost to the point that a fleetwide rollout of Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta technology will become a reality? Leave us your thoughts below.

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