Unsurprisingly, Volvo has announced that it will be reducing the number of more traditional sedans, wagons and hatchbacks in the near future, to concentrate on having more SUVs and crossovers in its range. This, along with a commitment to electrify its entire lineup in the next decade are the two pillars on which Volvo wants its future to rest.

According to Volvo’s CEO, Håkan Samuelsson,

Traditionally, we have had sedans, wagons and SUVs. Now we sell around 75% SUVs, which means we need more SUVs. We now have the C40 Recharge, and we’re planning a smaller SUV below the 40-series. We need less variants of sedans and wagons; we have lots of wagons today, with the V60, V90, Cross Country, non-Cross County, and a lot of saloons big and small, long and extra-long. We need to move from wagons and sedans; we will still have them in future, but probably not as many. We need more SUV types of higher electric vehicles. That’s the way of working right now and what we have in our development pipeline.

Small SUVs are all the rage now, and the Geely-owned automaker is now working on a new compact high-rider to sit below the C40 and XC40 models. This new model could be called C20/XC20, and it will be built on the SEA platform from its Chinese parent company - this chassis architecture allows for vehicles of all sizes, all-wheel drive and enough space to fit a big battery that will grant the vehicle a long range.

The recently revealed C40 coupe-like electric SUV signals the direction in which the manufacturer is going. The next-generation XC90 will be built on the same SEA architecture and it too will have an all-electric version. And since Volvo is not shying away from making coupe-like SUVs, there’s no reason why the next XC90 couldn’t spawn a more rakish C90 with a fastback-style roof.

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