Hidden damage after a crash is a problem that can plague any car, regardless if it’s a Tesla or some other brand. Oftentimes, the damage after an accident may not appear that severe, but when you start disassembling the problem area, you begin to see just how much was affected and needs to be replaced.

This story by It’s Kim Java, a Tesla Model X owner, is exactly like that and she has made a video in which she details the true cost of a Tesla repair. For the people in the car, being hit from the side by the Honda Accord didn’t really seem like it had been a major impact - the car hardly flinched, as you can see on the footage pulled from the car’s exterior cameras.

This is testament to just how stable and surefooted the Model X is, thanks in part to its nearly 2.5-ton weight and as well as the very low center of gravity. However, its apparent solidity can be misleading, as Kim discovered when she took the car in to be repaired. Check out her video to see how long she had to wait for it to be fixed, as well as the astronomical cost of the repairs that she mentions.

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