We know that most Porsche Taycan owners probably never owned an electric vehicle before, so we put together a comprehensive deep-dive review that explains how to charge the Porsche Taycan.

In the video, we explain the different levels of EV charging, from simple 120-volt level 1 charging up to the ultra-high-speed 270 kW DC fast charging that the Porsche Taycan can accept. The Taycan is capable of charging from 5% to 80% in 22 minutes, provided the station can deliver that much power, and the Taycan's battery is at the optimal temperature of about 88°F (31°C).

Porsche Taycan Charging

Home Charging

The Taycan is capable of accepting up to 11kW from a 48-amp level 2 charging source. Porsche provides a Mobile Connector that can deliver 9.6kW with the Taycan, and they also sell an upgraded charger called the Mobile Charger Connect for $1,120. 

The Mobile Charger Connect is a WiFi-connected unit, that pairs with the My Porsche account which allows you to view past charging session data, as well as schedule delayed charging to take advantage of time-of-use electricity pricing, start or stop a charging session remotely and some other smart-charging features. The Mobile Charger Connect also allows the owner to connect to the optional Porsche Home Energy Manager if they have one.

The Mobile Charger Connect delivers the same 9.6 kW as the basic Mobile Charger does, and also has swappable adapters so the unit can plug into a 120-volt or 240-volt source. However, while charging on 120-amps, both units are limited to 8-amps, which means they will only deliver about 1 kW to the vehicle, and full charging times will be measures in days, not hours. 

Most Taycan owners really need to have the ability to charge daily on a proper level 2 charging source to be able to recharge the large 93.4 kWh or smaller 79.2 kWh battery. Using Porsche's Mobile Chargers, the 93.4 kWh Taycan can be fully recharged from zero in about 10 hours, while the 79.2 kWh pack takes roughly 8.5 hours. 

Porsche Taycan Charging
A Porsche Taycan charging on a Tesla Destination Charger.

We also cover how to charge the Taycan from a Tesla wall connector or Tesla Destination Charger and advise on how to buy the proper Tesla to J1772 adapter for the Taycan. 

It's a long, 45-minute video that experienced EV owners here on InsideEVs may find a little slow-moving and even somewhat repetitive at times, but that was done by design. That's because we chose thoroughness over brevity so that those new to EV charging can understand everything also.

Therefore, we're including a list of timestamps here so those that don't need to hear the basics of EV charging can skip ahead to the parts that they are more interested in.

  • @1:25​ Level 1 Charging (120-volt)
  • @2:26​ Level 2 Charging (240-volt)
  • @3:55​ Circuit splitters - share an existing circuit to charge your Taycan
  • @4:40​ DC Fast Charging (400-800v)
  • @6:15​ Why battery temperature matters when DC Fast charging
  • @7:50​ Use the Navigation system to precondition the battery
  • @8:58​ 5% to 80% charged in 22.5 minutes if the battery temp is ideal
  • @10:30​ Why you shouldn't charge to 100% on a DC Fast charger
  • @11:00​ Be aware of which EV charging networks in your area
  • @11:40​ 2021 Porsche Taycan has Plug&Charge capability
  • @12:33​ Don't buy the "Onboard 150 kW 400-volt DC Fast charger" option!
  • @15:00​ The Cost of public charging
  • @16:20​ ChargePoint’s pricing is different than most other networks
  • @16:45​ The 3 types of DC fast charging connectors
  • @19:25​ Charging your Taycan at home
  • @19:40​ Porsche's Standard Mobile Charger
  • @20:36​ The optional Porsche Mobile Charger Connect
  • @22:14​ Adapters for the Mobile Charger & Mobile Charger Connect
  • @25:50​ The charging speed of the Taycan on level 2 charging
  • @26:07​ 3rd party charging equipment for the Taycan to consider
  • @27:25​ Mobile Charger Connect features
  • @28:24​ Optional Porsche Mobile Charger Connect Dock
  • @30:11​ How to Locate the NEMA 14-50 outlet in the proper position
  • @31:28​ Installing the Mobile Charger connect
  • @34:52​ An overview of the Taycan's charge port
  • @36:37​ Disabling delayed charging schedule when using public chargers
  • @37:48​ Taycan charging on a Tesla wall connector or destination charger
  • @43:35​ Why you can't charge a Taycan on a Tesla Supercharger

There are two corrections I need to point out. During the video, I say the Taaycan is the only EV with two charge ports, and that's not correct, the Audi e-tron (also from VW Group) also has two charge ports - one on either side of the vehicle. Additionally I said there are no 400-v DC fast chargers in the US that can deliver more than 50 kW. The fact is there are a few of them - very few, and I maintain that the 150 kW 400v DC Fast charge option is still not worth it.

So check out the video and let us know what you think. Did we miss anything? Do you have any other questions? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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