Is there really any better vehicle to haul home the family's Christmas tree than a smart ForTwo electric drive cabriolet? InsideEVs' Kyle Conner apparently doesn't think so because that's exactly the car he uses every year to complete the task. 

This year Kyle set out with his girlfriend, Alyssa, and their beautiful companion, Bleu. They charged up to 100% and headed off to the Christmas Tree lot and picked out their special tree for the season. 

smart ForTwo ED Christmas tree

The smart ForTwo ED is 8 feet, ten inches long, so from the picture of the tree on top of the car it looks like Kyle and Alyssa got a tree about 6 feet tall. If anyone was wondering if you can haul home a Christmas tree on the roof of a smart car, we offer proof that yes, it can be done. 

Is this breaking electric vehicle news? Hardly, but we have plenty of that every day and we also like to sprinkle in some light-hearted fun every now and then, especially during the holiday season. 

smart ForTwo ED Christmas tree

We appreciate all of the support our followers give us all year-round, and all of us here at InsideEVs would like to wish everybody a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season. 

May 2021 be an electric year for you all. 

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