Triton-EV, a subsidiary of Triton Solar, which earlier this year announced an all-electric 8-seat Model H SUV, this week showed off its new project - an electric semi-truck.

Actually, according to the press release, it's a battery-electric truck with a small hydrogen fuel cell stack to increase the range to up to 300 miles (483 km). The towing capacity is estimated at 220,000 pounds (100 t).

"The truck, which is a hybrid of hydrogen fuels that generate electricity stored in on-board batteries, has a 220,000-pound towing capacity—the same as any comparable diesel truck on the road."

Triton-EV electric semi-truck

However, just like in the case of Model H, we advise you to be extremely cautious about the revelations, at least until the basically unknown company proves it can really produce and sell xEVs.

The description like "a lot of batteries and a little bit of hydrogen" does not sound convincing to us at all. The website lacks details too.

"The trend in the industry is to emphasize hydrogen while using relatively few batteries. This causes an issue with torque, as hydrogen does not usually generate enough torque to haul an 80,000-pound trailer at sufficient speed and acceleration. Triton-EV took the opposite approach, with a lot of batteries and a little bit of hydrogen."

So far all we see is a few images, two low-resolution videos and a brief press release about a prototype, reportedly converted to EV drive in 35 days. The company expects to sell those kind of trucks at a price between $150,000 to $250,000.

Triton-EV electric semi-truck
Triton-EV electric semi-truck

Himanshu Patel, Founder and CEO of Triton-EV said:

"We decided to go for it. Everyone was saying, 'No, it can't be done. It will take five years and a hundred million dollars.' We thought, no, we can do it right now. We have the people and the components. The whole effort took 35 days. That's the kind of team we have."

Additionally, at the end of the press release about the truck, the company announced that the Model H SUV will be released "in the coming months," which is even more suspicious to us.

"TritonEV is currently exploring partnership options and will also be releasing The Triton model H SUV in the coming months."

Is it really possible that we will see a 700-mile (1,100 km) electric SUV on the market from a company that no one has heard of?

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