Some people did not manage to watch Tesla Battery Day – which spared them from some sound issues. Some did not have time to read everything written about what the Tesla team revealed at the event. Whatever is your reason for still miss some of the conversations around that, thank Andy Slye for coming to the rescue.

He released what is probably the best video summary of Tesla Battery Day so far. In an almost educational way, Slye sliced all the information in edible pieces that clarify what Tesla disclosed and what it plans to achieve if everything goes as planned.

2020 Tesla Shareholder Meeting and Battery Day

What impressed us most about the video is that Slye did not focus on just some of the novelties – such as the 4680 cells. Instead, he took a holistic approach that puts all the pieces of that puzzle together and helps it all make sense.

The 4680 cells are just part of the equation for Tesla to stay ahead of the competition in the future. They also depend on developing its manufacturing, cathode, anode, and their integration in future vehicles. At least with what Elon Musk and his team directly presented there.

2020 Tesla Shareholders Meeting and Battery Day

We already know that battery integration with the vehicle will not be restricted to the 4680 cells. The new mega castings will also be used to create a $25,000 Tesla vehicle with LFP cells. We do not doubt they will also include the current cars that use NMC batteries.

Regardless, all this still has to come to fruition, which is probably why Tesla shares lost a lot of value right after the event. Investors apparently did not read Musk’s warning on Twitter – where else? – that said that all technologies disclosed were a work in progress.

It took them some days to absorb that and to believe in the promises. So much so that Tesla shares are currently recovering to the pre-event levels. Either that or the usual investors took the opportunity to increase their stake in the company.

If you want to understand all that in a short time, make sure you watch the video. Even if you feel you are up to date with Tesla Battery Day news, watching it will help you remember interesting aspects of the whole discussion.

Source: Andy Slye

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