Did Volkswagen use the Tesla Model Y as a benchmark and inspiration for the creation of its new ID.4 electric crossover. If you asked officials from the German manufacturer, they would probably say no, arguing the two vehicles don’t compete with one another, yet this new internal VW document that leaked onto Reddit comes in to contradict that claim.

The CEO of Volkswagen, Herbert Diess, did recently acknowledge that his company is looking at Tesla’s vehicles as a kind of benchmark in the EV segment. However, he said that the ID.4’s task is not to steal sales from the Tesla Model Y, but more conventional rivals from Euro and Japanese companies instead.


Yet this document, which by the looks of it we presume was a slide from a larger presentation, reveals just how close the ID.4 and Model Y are in several areas. Firstly, in terms of size, the difference is not massive: 17 centimeters in overall (the Tesla has a longer wheelbase and is a bit longer overall).

However, as the first bullet point in the document points out, even though the ID.4 is shorter, it actually has 6 more centimeters of interior room than the Model Y. And thanks to its shorter wheelbase, its turning circle is also 1.9 meters smaller (10.2 meters versus 12.1 meters).

Volkswagen also argues that the ID.4 has a higher quality interior and it will take full advantage of the automaker’s vast dealer and service network. It also points to the Tesla as being more ‘ software-centered ‘ and does concede the obvious, that the Model Y is much faster to accelerate, has twice the rate of charging, but is also some €10,000 more expensive.

Now some would argue that these two vehicles won’t be cross shopped, but we’re not so sure about that. They’re both the same size, they’re both long range electric vehicles and even those people who want a Tesla will have to at least check out an ID.4 before buying, at least to exclude it as a possibility.

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