InsideEVs readers already know the Lexus UX 300e was available for reservations in Europe for a while. That meant the brand’s first electric car was about to reach European customers, and that finally happened, according to the company. On September 4, the UX 300e officially started its career in the Old Continent.

Lexus just said the sales were in “selected European markets but did not disclose precisely which ones. Luckily, we answered that question when we first talked about the reservations. Norway will be the first one, followed by the Netherlands and Portugal. 

In Norway, it will be offered in three trim levels: Comfort, Premium, and Luxury. The entry-level UX 300e Comfort costs NOK 410,120 (Norwegian kroner), the Premium will require NOK 449,800, and people willing to have the Luxury will pay at least NOK 495,800. We have informed how much that represents in our previous article, but you should find an exchange website to get a more precise idea when you read this because of the dollar devaluation. In other words, it now costs more than when we first told you how much that would be.

Lexus now confirms that the UX 300e will have ten years or 1 million km of warranty in its battery pack and says it has “a battery cell air-cooling system which is safer and lighter than water-cooled systems.” The company only forgot to mention this will prevent it from fast charging as fast as liquid-cooled battery packs and that these batteries tend to have a quicker degradation.

This statement will also make it very weird for the company to eventually adopt liquid cooling in future EVs. What will it say then? We guess that the company plans to skip that with solid-state batteries. They allegedly can cut the more efficient (even if heavier) cooling method that batteries submitted to high C rates require.

Will the UX 300e live up to the expectations that follow Lexus? We’ll soon be able to tell you that should the COVID-19 pandemic allow us to travel again. Stay tuned!

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