There is something clearly wrong about the way SEAT’s sporty arm Cupra chose to reveal the Cupra el-Born, essentially its version of the upcoming hot hatch version of the VW ID.3. It chose to only allow select British media outlets to publish the (albeit limited) tidbits of information and official photos, and the press release was only made public after these articles had already been published.

Back to the car, the SEAT el-Born is the Spanish manufacturer’s slightly modified Volkswagen ID.3, and just like the VW, it will get a dedicated sporty version previewed here - the Cupra El-Born. As a reminder, Cupra used to be the designation for SEAT’s most powerful models, but it was recently turned into a sporty sub-brand.

What do we know about the Cupra el-Born? Well, not much, really. Its range is quoted as being 310 miles (500 km), from a 77 kWh battery, and its naught to 31 mph (50 km/h) time is 2.9 seconds - that’s it.

In order to set it apart from the rest of the el-Born range, Cupra has given the vehicle sporty front and rear bumpers, as well as unique rims with copper accents. These copper accents are also present inside where this Cupra version of the el-Born also has sportier looking bucket seats and a flat-bottomed steering wheel. There are also no SEAT logos and all have been replaced by the Cupra emblem.

Gallery: Cupra el-Born

The vehicle is expected to debut in 2021 and it will be built in Germany alongside the ID.3. Cupra is expected to provide more photos and additional information in the near future.

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CUPRA’s first all-electric vehicle is born
Martorell, 08 July 2020  
Striking exterior design for the brand’s new model: the CUPRA el-Born
Highest quality and sophistication in the interior with a sporty character
Performance and dynamics have been a clear focus in the development of the vehicle: 0 to 50km/h in only 2.9s and DCC Sport exclusively developed for the CUPRA el-Born
Up to 500 km range thanks to its 77kWh battery (gross: 82kWh)
The new CUPRA el-Born will be produced at the Zwickau factory and will be launched in 2021
Today, during the company’s press conference at CASA SEAT, CUPRA confirmed the arrival of a model that will change the dynamic perception of electrically powered vehicles. Since its presentation at the Geneva Motor Show last year, the el-Born Concept has drawn praise for its sleek look and personality. But the design team and the Technical Centre didn’t simply settle for the positive reviews they received and continued to evolve the vehicle, giving it a sportier character and an even more impressive visual appeal. The result is the birth of the brand’s first all-electric model: the CUPRA el-Born.
The new model will be manufactured at the Zwickau plant in Germany, will increase the company's contribution margin and fits perfectly with CUPRA's brand philosophy and customer profile.

CUPRA el-Born – Front view (near-production concept car)

CUPRA CEO Wayne Griffiths stated that “CUPRA el-Born displays all the genes of the CUPRA brand and we have taken the original concept to the next level creating a new sporty and dynamic design and reengineering the technological content. CUPRA el-Born is the living proof that performance and electrification are a great match.”
The performance and dynamics of the CUPRA el-Born have been a clear focus during the development of the car, offering an instant acceleration from 0-50km/h in only 2.9s. The Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (DCC Sport), which has been exclusively developed within the MEB platform for the CUPRA el-Born, is combining the sporty driving height of the car with a system that is adapting automatically to any conditions, offering a superior level of driving dynamics.

CUPRA el-Born – Front view (near-production concept car)

The CUPRA el-Born features state of the art technologies such as a Head-up Display with Augmented Reality. It will be able to travel up to 500km on a single charge thanks to its high-efficient 77kWh battery (gross: 82kWh). Thanks to its fast charging capability, the CUPRA el-Born will take the energy needed for at least 260km in only 30 minutes.
The interior is designed to encapsulate the CUPRA philosophy of quality and performance mixed with sophistication, highlighted nowhere better than in the sports bucket seats, the new steering wheel with Drive Profile Selection and CUPRA mode buttons, and high-quality material choices. Besides the attention to detail and the passion for quality, CUPRA put a particular focus on the sustainability of the el-Born using recycled materials in the interior of the car.

The new CUPRA el-Born’s launch in 2021 brings sustainable mobility with the character and dynamism that car enthusiasts desire, but with a unique and exclusive product for those looking for the most advanced technology and the smallest environmental footprint.

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