Volkswagen officially launched its home charging station, developed with ID.3 and the ID. family in mind, which was announced in September 2019.

The three-phase 11 kW (AC Type 2 plug compatible with all new EVs in Europe) unit (at single-phase it's up to 3.7 kW, but there is also a single-phase 7.4 kW version) is available both online and at dealerships, starting from €399 ($450), with an option for basic installation. That should help all the newbie EV drivers who would like to switch to electric drive seamlessly:

"Volkswagen is teaming up with certified electrical contractors to offer a comprehensive installation service comprising expert advice, installation and commissioning of the wallbox. Anyone interested in purchasing a wallbox can also complete a free online pre-check."

The price is described as an "introductory price", which suggests it might be higher later.

Sales already started in the first eight European countries and the first boxes have already been delivered.

There are three versions of the ID. Charger (all 3-phase, 11 kW) and currently only the first entered the market (the two others will follow later this year):

  • ID. Charger - €399
  • ID. Charger Connect (€599)
  • ID. Charger Pro (€849)

All have a permanently mounted Type 2 charging cable and integrated DC residual current protection.

The ID. Charger Connect can be additionally managed via smartphone (including "remote maintenance, managing access via a charge card and regular software updates").

The ID. Charger Pro gets - on top of that - also an integrated electricity meter. According to Volkswagen, it may be used to bill electricity costs for company car drivers.

Volkswagen ID. Charger
Volkswagen ID. Charger

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Wallbox for everyone: Volkswagen rolls out ID. Charger

  • Wallbox can be ordered online and from Volkswagen dealers, first boxes have already been delivered
  • Volkswagen progressively completing charging ecosystem around ID.3
  • Introductory price from €399: ID. Charger and installation from single source
  • Brand Board Member Thomas Ulbrich: “We also need right to install wallbox in other European countries.”

Volkswagen has started sale of the ID. Charger for quick and easy home charging for electric vehicles. The wallbox can be ordered online or from Volkswagen dealers in eight European countries

. The first boxes were delivered to customers recently. At an introductory price of €399, the ID. Charger offers an excellent price-performance ratio. It was developed with the ID.3 and the ID. family in mind, but can also be used to charge all other electric cars with a Type 2 connector. The new Volkswagen wallbox is part of a complete ID.3 package designed by Volkswagen to make the switch to an electric car as simple and convenient as possible.


, the first car in the new ID. family, kicks things off. In parallel, the brand has put together a complete package for convenient and sustainable charging.

In Germany, in addition to the ID. Charger wallbox series, the package also includes Volkswagen Naturstrom®, the brand’s certified green electricity for emission-free electric car operation. The We Charge charging service will give access to some 150,000 public charging points throughout Europe. Through IONITY, Volkswagen is involved in building up a network of high-power charging stations across Europe.

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