Despite the fact that SUVs are super popular right now as family movers, the best way to transport yourself and your loved ones around is still a minivan. These are vehicles designed specifically for this purpose and they are better than SUVs at pretty much everything except going off-road.

Tesla currently doesn’t make a minivan, but it does sell two sizes of SUV. Sure, both of these high-riding Teslas are fairly practical and good at transporting humans in relative comfort, but they still can’t compare to a cavernous minivan.

We recently posted a rendering of a Tesla minivan idea, a model that looked like a stretched Model X with a roofline that doesn’t dip and eat into headroom. It also had that all-important minivan feature, sliding doors, whose usefulness cannot be understated - you can open them in tight spaces and when your kids rush out of the vehicle, they won’t bang the doors straight into another car’s fender.

Tesla Minivan Rendering

Now we found a new rendering of a Tesla minivan, although it’s not really as good or believable as the first one. Why? Well, it’s just a Chrysler Pacifica with Tesla fascias pasted on, so it doesn’t look very believable. However, unlike the first rendering, which was just a longer Model X SUV with a different roof and no falcon wing doors, this one is an actual MPV.

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