A very dirty red Tesla Semi was recently spotted being towed on a trailer. It appears as though it may have ustained some suspension damage. See the video right here.

Tesla Semi sightings are few and far between these days as the automaker seems razor-focused on other more pressing things like ramping up production of the Model Y in the U.S. and getting those cars delivered to buyers. Additionally, Tesla is rapidly expanding its factory in China and quickly working on an all-new factory in Germany.

With all that going on, the Semi has sort of faded away for now. The Tesla Cybertruck even turned our attention away from the Semi, but it seems Tesla is still out there testing the heavy-hauler and the evidence of that is found in this video.

This is easily the dirtiest Tesla Semi we've ever seen, which would seem to indicate it was put through some extensive testing. Take a close look at the front end of the semi though. It seems awful low, doesn't it? Either something has broken or the Semi is strapped down very tightly to the trailer it rides on. Which do you think it is? Let us know your take in comments.

The Tesla Semi is set for first deliveries in limited numbers starting in the second half of this year. This will be a trial run of sorts, with production not expected to be in volume until later.

Video description via Tvlog on YouTube:

FILTHY Tesla semi..wrecked?

Saw this today in Olympia WA in I5, figured I'd share it!

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