Some people still deny there is Tesla hate, but nothing even begins to explain some situations if not this. Check this Model 3, for example. It was just parked in San Francisco, more precisely on 10th ave and Irving St., as the video description at the Bcba Basf channel let us know. Sentry Mode filmed the vandal, and now the car owner wants your help to find out who he is.

Gallery: Help Us Find This Insistent Vandal Keying A Tesla In SF

According to the video description, the owner never saw this person before and has no idea why he keyed his car. We have no reason to doubt him.

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We tried to check the precise spot where the keying happened because it seems the street has some parking restrictions. It is from 8 AM up to 10 AM on the first and third Monday of each month for street cleaning, according to the signs there. 

Help Us Find This Insistent Vandal Keying A Tesla In SF

The vandal attacked at 2:30 PM on February 2, a Sunday. The possibility that he was “falling down” or acting like a vigilante due to illegal parking, for example, does not fit. It was out of irrational hate, as we can see by the expression in his face.

Help Us Find This Insistent Vandal Keying A Tesla In SF

The fact that this guy like Apple AirPods but does not have a clue Teslas have cameras is what allowed the owner to see he is of Asian ascendence, between his thirties and forties, with short black hair and around 5’10. If you happen to know who he is, call the San Francisco Police Department and warn the video owner, if possible.

Video Description Via Bcba Basf On YouTube

On Sunday, February 2, 2020 around 2:30pm pst, my Tesla Model 3 was vandalized by being keyed in San Francisco. The event occurred on 10th ave and Irving St. I never seen this person ever nor know what the motive was for this act of vandalism. This video was taken from Tesla’s Sentry Mode. 

Please help me catch this guy. This is not okay and shouldn’t be happening to anyone.

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