In a case like this, TeslaCam could be integral in deciding who is at fault.

Tesla owner Jimmy Lin was brave to put his recent crash footage on YouTube for all eyes to see. We say this because it seems pretty clear that Mr. Lin made a bad timing choice and was completely at fault for the collision. The crash was recorded by Tesla's built-in dashcam (TeslaCam). 

UPDATE: Good catch by our readers. It appears the light turns red, it's clearly yellow for a period of time and then the yellow goes away and the red is barely visible before the camera cuts away. It seems obvious that SUV ran a red light. Thanks to TeslaCam, the owner of the Tesla has it all on camera. This doesn't mean the Tesla driver should have proceeded while the SUV was still clearly at high speed or proceeded to turn on red. The blame could be placed on the SUV driver for accelerating through a red light, but the Tesla driver also turned right on red, so it's a hard call for sure. It's interesting that the Tesla owner didn't mention the red light situation in the video description. 

As you can from the video capture above, Lin is waiting to make a left turn on a busy divided highway where traffic is moving at around 55 mph. There's little opportunity to turn, so he takes a chance and turns quickly in front of an SUV. However, it appears he has to hesitate as another car is turning right. The SUV slams into his Tesla.

There are two points here. Take your time and don't make risky driving choices. More importantly, this is one of the many hard collisions we've seen where the Tesla kept its passengers safe. Lin says the car held up really well and everyone is safe.

Have you been in an accident in your Tesla? If so, share your story with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via Jimmy Lin on YouTube:

Tesla Accident

Got into and accident today. Everyone is safe. The car held up really well. The speed limit on this road is 55 MPH, so it was a pretty heavy collision.